My names Keegan, and I live in Colorado.

Conservative: “capitalism works”

Me: “which kind of capitalism are we discussing? Rhenish capitalism? Corporate capitalism? Free-market economy?”

Conservative: “we need to limit government”

Me: “limit it in proportion to what? The government we have currently? The governments that create the European Union? The Nazi government?”

Metal’s the fucking greatest thing mankind ever invented. History books should be written like this:

1800’s: electricity

1900: nikola tesla invents the AC adapter

1960 something: black sabbath

the rest is fucking history

I’m just saying the way racism has gone down in ┬áthis country doesn’t make sense because I’ve met more fucking retarded ass white people in my life than anyotherraceyoucanthinkofbecausetheyarentvotingrepublican.

I want there to be less people on this planet not only because it’s unhealthy for our overall welfare, but because it genuinely makes it mean less to be a human. 1/7,000,000,000 gives far less meaning amongst other humans that, say, 1/1,000,000,000

You don’t change minds with facts, but with beliefs…


What people don’t realize, is that true freedom amongst humans stopped about 10,000 years ago when we all slowly stopped hunting and gathering wild food and decided to start living in a civilization, where everyone needs to sorta kinda get along in order to live peacefully. Ever since then, it’s just been people impeding on other people’s freedoms.