My names Keegan, and I live in Colorado.

If there’s one thing that people need to take from the French Revolution, it’s that it was fundamentally different from the American revolution because there was no new country to create, but an old one to make better. Thus, it was a bigger challenge, which ultimately lead to a military coupe via  Napoleon (Coup of 18 Brumaire). For many, things got worse before and during the revolution.Debts that got made for wealthy to collect were terminated, essentially wasting much of the wealthy capital of France. During the revolution, people who rose against the Louis dynasty ended up committing genocide on their own people, causing yet again another “revolt” against the newly pseudo-established government.

….the point is, is that things don’t typically get better in a country that faces revolution because they’ve neglected self improvement. Shall I also discuss the Bolshevik revolution? Or do we need to see how the arab spring turned out for Syria?

If we don’t do something about the capital gains tax, the oil subsidies that continue the war machine and our addiction to fossil fuels, the divergenge of wealth, and the lack of wealth being generated in the younger generation because of how much debt is on our hands, we’re going to end up where the french and russians and arabs have been; in a state of turmoil with a government. And, even worse, it would be a state of turmoil created because we neglected to improve it when we could.


This band made me a better person by giving me perception of my own capabilities. That all humans are, in fact, the most complex things in the universe (known to humans, of course), and can create any impact through sheer will. We are a creature of will, and through will is the only way we create the lives we want to live, and be the change upon the universe we want to be.
So, as crowley said- Do As Thou Wilt! When you find your calling, follow it. And follow it passionately.

"All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.” .. (George Orwell)

New study: Earth hasn't warmed in 19 years




Remember the headline from this Guardian article from 2009?


The article even came with its very own predictive graph to scare people:


Yeah, well, turns out that this prediction was just wrong. In fact, virtually every prediction made by alarmists over…

"But the Right doesn’t have any science to back up their claims against global warming!"


There’s an absence of science anyone disputing man made climate change has not logically proven to be incorrect. It doesn’t have to do with recorded weather trends or “predicting what the weather may be”, but with the how kinetic energy (which is transferred through heat waves) interacts with CO2 at a molecular level. It cannot be denied that since the industrial revolution, mankind has released a lot of CO2 in the atmopshere (which, to put it simply, the atmosphere is a giant ball of gas that is kept intact due to gravity).  We measure the amount of particles in our atmosphere via units of PPM (parts per million), and obviously our record has shown the magnitude of this number increase for CO2 particles. Study after study (and, were talking studies that have been dated back since the 19th century and continued up till now) show that because of the molecular structure of CO2, it can radiate heat waves better as opposed to other gases that are in the air (O2, nitrogen, esc). Thus, logic plays out like this; big gravitational gas ball has more CO2, which traps heat better that any of the other particles in air. Uhhh… what do you think is going to happen?

Now, there’s plenty of misconceptions regarding “global warming”, and it particularly has to do with when people say that “the average temperature of the earth is increasing”. I don’t really think “global warming” is a good term to use, but rather climate change. Yes, the average temperature of the earth is increasing, but please understand what the word average means in math. Certain places might, in fact, become colder due to some of the various implications of putting massive amounts of CO2 in the air. But, on average, the planet is getting hotter.

So, if skeptics of this situation want to change my mind, here’s what they’ll have to do:

-Prove to me that there’s not been a tenfold increase of CO2 in our atmosphere
-Prove to me that CO2 in no way takes in heat more efficiently than O2 and nitrogen.

 Because I’ll tell you this; when I hear “global cooling”, my mind goes into a fritz haha. It makes no sense at the molecular level that the planet would be cooling when there’s been an obvious increase in CO2. Even if a few scientists predicted that there was “global cooling” in the 70’s, the majority (starting with the 19th century father of physical chemistry svant arrhenius) have predicted the exact opposite.

What do I like about my life

-I’m human, and not human prey in a time when everything is.

One of dem nights of getting high as fuck

Conservative: “capitalism works”

Me: “which kind of capitalism are we discussing? Rhenish capitalism? Corporate capitalism? Free-market economy?”

Conservative: “we need to limit government”

Me: “limit it in proportion to what? The government we have currently? The governments that create the European Union? The Nazi government?”

Metal’s the fucking greatest thing mankind ever invented. History books should be written like this:

1800’s: electricity

1900: nikola tesla invents the AC adapter

1960 something: black sabbath

the rest is fucking history

I’m just saying the way racism has gone down in  this country doesn’t make sense because I’ve met more fucking retarded ass white people in my life than anyotherraceyoucanthinkofbecausetheyarentvotingrepublican.