and I THINK, FEEL, and LOVE we vibrate light together radiate life on the path to City ov the Sun angel calls out: in mysterium coniunctionis deus est homo and I understand the Burden ov this journey: I know, I will I dare, and keep silence

The voice of the people has now been silenced. There will be blood.

We’re just a bunch of monkeys tripping on consciousness.



This band. Behemoth. 1349. I cannot wait XD

I like to talk about what others deem as “deep and heavy shit” a lot, which unfortunately gets to people in my day to day life. But seriously dude, in those conversations, it’s like nothing else fucking matters except for the conversation. People  just talking about day to day shit can only keep me interested for so long before it becomes monotonous and I want to change the subject.

Except if the topic is music. I’ll 9/10 times be interested for a good long time in any music conversation.

When the lighter’s about to be donezo but then goes on for that ONE time.

And you miss it.


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